Andy Ford's creation from the early 1980's..... Ollie the Otter makes a comeback on CD.
Fans of the Otter and his cheeky brother Oswald from their early days as holiday camp club mascots will be delighted to see their return due to public demand!!

 Andy Ford's Ollie the Otter songs and stories have delighted thousands of children from 3 to 93 for well over 30 years... from Ladram Bay to Challaborough Bay and beyond..... well now he's back! Do you remember such classics as, Fish Paste Sandwiches and call lieutenant Ollie?  If your appetite is well and truly whetted then you can order the 2 Song CDs or 2 Story CDs from the online shop. Enjoy these songs and stories again, their appeal knows no age barriers, they're just good fun!


PS the Pillow Talk Album is also available from the online shop!!