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 What made the night for me was Andy Ford's 'Herman the Henchman'. His good old fashioned double-entendres had left me gasping and rolling my eyes at one stage but he is without a doubt one very funny man and for me the star of the show.








ANDY FORD Stand Up Comedy Show Bristol Hippodrome 

 "ALRIGHT me babbers?" Most Bristolians will be familiar with Andy Ford from his panto appearances every Christmas at The Hippodrome. A firm favourite with 
children and adults alike, Ford returned to the Hippodrome, this time for his stand-up show.
Andy Ford took to the stage, with his usual flamboyance and over-the-top delivery that we have come to know and love. True to form Ford took to the stage and performed a dance to James Brown's I Got You, top marks must be given for managing to include the Funky Chicken dance! This set the tone for the rest of the 
evening, Ford proclaiming "I'm going to give you my all tonight Bristol", and he didn't disappoint. Ford was energetic; a whirlwind across the stage, his 
performance was, quite literally, all-singing-and-dancing.
The audience was of all ages, and Ford's jokes reflected that, there were jokes for everybody, although some of them (luckily!) would have have gone straight 
over the heads of some of the younger members - a night of pure family fun. For those who regularly watched the panto and were left wanting more of Ford, the 
show was ideal, with the crowd in stitches from start to finish. Ford's anecdotes are so fast paced and witty you wonder where he finds time to take breath, and 
who else would get away with performing a dance to T-Rex's I Love to Boogie in between jokes?
Ford's slapstick and silly approach to comedy leaves you light hearted yet exhausted from laughter. His quirkiness is unique, he doesn't swear and the jokes 
aren't offensive or designed to shock, as is quite commonplace with comedians nowadays. Ford's set is best described as good clean fun, and with the comedian set to appear for a sixth consecutive year in this year's Christmas panto Dick Whittington, he's definitely got a winning formula that keeps families coming back  for more.





Peter Pan Bristol 2011/12

The real star of the show, first mate Smee (Andy Ford), could not be more homegrown in his manner and wit. A natural clown, he sweetly commands the stage, skipping and hopping about the place, and popping gags like a man who has truly failed to grow up. He clearly
knows the ropes and regales the audience, young and old.


Bristol Culture

The Hoff may be the big name draw this year in Bristol, but by no means did he dominate. For many, Andy Ford will be the star, returning to the Hippodrome stage for the third year running, this year as Smee. If it's possible to be camper than Christmas, then
Ford is it, and his comedy walks ("oopsy-daisy"), mannerisms, pasty-praising songs and cheeky smile all made for fabulous entertainment.

Bristol 247

The other true star of the show is Andy Ford, he's simply the best
supporting player and comedian there is. Last year Barbara Windsor apparently insisted he be in Dick Wittington before she signed her Hippodrome contract and I can see why.Playing the rubbish pirate Smee (he's just too loveable to be properly wicked) he's a wonderfully physical comic and the scene where he, The Hoff and some conspicuously camp pirates perform "I'm too Sexy" will stay with
me for a long time. Yet he's every bit as successful at working with four young children brought up on stage to sing a traditional audience participation sing-a-long about Smee's favourite food - pasties! (Lots of Yo, Ho, Ho and Yum, Yum, Yum here as we all join in.)


UK Theatre Web

What was no surprise was how much I enjoyed Andy Ford .. why? Well, I always do, he has become a part of Christmas in Bristol for me familiar old jokes and superbly cringeing new ones slide effortlessly into his performance which, as always, lifted the whole show and lit up the stage.


The public

David Hasselhoff has top billing at the Bristol Hippodrome's annual Christmas pantomime but it was AndyFord who stole and carried the show. His camp one-liners and cheerful but cheeky smile were a consistent treat throughout the story.

The Stage and television today

As Hook's sidekick Smee, perennial panto face Andy Ford provides the firm hand that steers the show to familiar family friendly waters, delivering double entendre and the requisite colloquial comedy without breaking sweat.


Gazette series

David Hasselhoff really got into the spirit of the show, and displayed a real chemistry with Smee, played by West Country funny man Andy Ford, who had the Hippodrome audience in hysterics for the third year running much to regular theatre goers' delight.

Wiltshire and Gloucester Standard

But my children had come to see another star local comic Andy Ford who plays Smee, the kind-hearted pirate who prefers cappuccino to rum.This is the third time we have seen Andy in Panto at Bristol
and his comic routines once again had us all in stitches. His relationship with the fellow pirates, who were superb dancers and comics, was one of the highlights.

Weston Super Mum

Andy Ford is the main stay of any Bristol pantomime and he never, ever, disappoints. Smee's rapport with the audience is a pleasure to witness the perfect fool and, once again, the star of the show for the adults. It's hard to imagine a December Hipp without him.


This is Bristol

But this is no one-man show. Local comic Andy Ford is back on top form, returning to the Hippodrome for his third panto in a row. With his West Country burr and fabulously camp mannerisms, the endearing but rather naughty funnyman plays Hook's right-hand
man Smee with gusto. He easily draws the biggest laughs of the night from the children and grown-ups alike and in places he really holds the show together with his amusing patter. A musical highlights is Smee and Hook's duet of The Wind Beneath My Wings.


Those familiar with the JM Barrie classic will know it takes some time for Hook to make his first appearance so it was down to the hilarious and cheeky antics of Exeter comedian, Andy Ford as Smee to quickly satisfy the audience, and it was the bellyaching laughter that his witty one-liners evoked that arguably stole the entire show.

However, if the kids young or old are looking for a bit of slapstick, Andy Ford provides all on a proverbially guilded plate. Complete with the most wonderfully colloquial song about pasties and pirates for all to join in with! Although the pairing of Andy Ford and David Hasselhoff
would possibly set some heads scratching in any other context, for 'Peter Pan' it works. With Christmas bells on! Both have an infinite talent for comedy timing , both have enormous stage presence and a connection with the audience.

It's behind you!

The years biggest change was Andy Ford replacing Louie Spence, and boy did that make a difference. The Hoff was excellent as HOOK and Andy Ford was his usual hysterical self and was well worth the long ride to Bristol alone to see!


Dick Whittington with Barbara Windsor and Eric Potts

Bristol Hippodrome 2010/11



This is Bristol

Andy Ford  who stole the show in last year's panto Snow White, returns to the Hippodrome with his madcap comedy. Once again, the wonderfully camp West Country comic throws everything he's got at his role as the loveable Idle Jack who desperately wants to be a pop star.The scenes between Ford's Idle Jack and Potts' Dame make for some of the best moments in the pantomime. Their scene in the kitchen in particular had the audience in stitches



Bristol 247

But if we are talking laughs, you have to take off your feathered cap to Andy Ford, who played Idle Jack. If a comic was ever born for panto it's him, and his stand-up delivery was the highlight of many scenes. He easily owned a rather spacious stage and was a real joy to watch.

Ford's chemistry with ex-Coronation Street star Eric Potts was fantastic.


Nowt to

Barbara Windsor headlines as the Fairy but once again it is Andy Ford who outshines everyone. He graced the stage in last year's lack-lustre affair and was the best thing in it. Dick Whittington is a much better show with far more glitz and a genuine British favourite in Babs but still Andy Ford rules the roost.

It certainly isn't down to the quality of his gags; he refers to 'getting away with this rubbish' continually. What marks him out as genuine comic talent is his mannered way. He walks a camp high wire, part Larry Grayson part naughty schoolboy. It is because he is such a warm, silly presence on stage that the whole thing works.


UK Theatre Web

This is the second time I have seen Andy Ford in the panto comedy role and I have to just take off my hat to his consumate skill - always there keeping the show moving on, plenty of jokes for kids and adults alike and an infectious enthusiasm. I hope he enjoys the job otherwise it seems so unfair that we get so much pleasure from it!


Worcester News

Eric Potts ex Coronation Street was sublime as Sarah the Cook with outrageous outfits and the chemistry with Andy Ford as Idle Jack was superb - Ford was in panto in Bristol last year and it was a joy to see him return this year, a natural comic who bonds and communicates well with both adults and children alike.


Weston Super Mum

For the second year running, it's Andy Ford who truly steals the show as this year's panto fool, Idle Jack. With his West Country accent, his silly expressions and his perfect timing, he delivers the mostly deliberately terrible gags with comic genius. Eric Potts makes sure Jack doesn't forget Portishead in his repertoire but my favourite joke of the night is, understandably, when the cast is about to sail the oceans. "Bristol for the Continent," shouts Jack. "Weston for the incontinent!" At the end of the show, we all have a sing song in ship-shape Bristol fashion. Oh, what fun to shout "Gurt Lush," and "Cheers Drive," as loudly as you can and with no inhibitions. Ooh, saucy


Andy Ford and Friends

Bristol Hippodrome 26th Feb 2010


Having only vacated the Hippodrome stage just eight weeks ago in the guise of 'Muddles' in the Panto 'Snpw White and the Seven Dwafs' Andy Ford returned to demonstrate he own brand of humour as a 'Stand Up' comic.

A mixed aged audience of over 1,000 were nosily waiting to greet him creating an atmosphere before curtain up like a Panto audience eagerly awaiting the start of proceedings.

They still had a little while to wait before their hero appeared because the friends who had come to support him took over the first half of the show presenting a mini version off the 'Twice Nightly' variety shows which once dominated the Hippodrome programme.

Ventriloquist Steve Hewlett opened proceedings with not one but six different Dolls ranging from Arthur a crusty old curmudgeon to Elmo a shy maiden with an excellent line in off-key singing.

Having well and truly warmed up the audience Steve handed over to Van Buren, almost a one man variety show in his own right. With the help of the obligatory glamorous assistant, Alison, he performed magic, then rode uni-cycle before showing his best talents as a juggler.

When Andy Ford took over for the second half with his engaging personality he had the audience eating out of his hand from the word go. They loved this Exeter born comedians warm personal approach and he rewarded them with over an hour of non stop humour, with just a dash of song thrown in for good measure.

His style of humour can be described like the old advert for cream cakes 'naughty but nice'. He does not rely on a great deal of smut or innuendo and there wasn't a swear word to be heard from start to finish in a show that you would be happy to take either your Maiden Aunt or young children to.
Gerry Parker


Snow White Pantomime Bristol Hippodrome 2009/10 







Andy Ford is stealing every scene in the Bristol Hippodrome's production of Snow White, earning him the title of undisputed king of panto.... The West Country comedian is performing pantomime in his "neck of the woods" and has the audience eating out of the palm of his hand....


This year the job of bringing laughter to the place falls to Exeter funny man Andy Ford. Perhaps not a household name but a man who knows how to wring a laugh from lines and looks and walks - think Robin Williams meets Alan Carr. It is Andy who carries the show, his mannered, camp style is perfect for the role of 'Muddles',


King tonight had to be all-round entertainer and pantomime favourite Andy Ford, who played Snow White's friend Muddles with a cheeky grin and a glint in his eye that had the audience on side from the word go. The West Country comic stole the show with his camp manner and hilarious asides. Indeed, one of the highlights was when Muddles unexpectedly lauched himself into urban dance send-ups of pop hits by Girls Aloud, Black Eyed Peas and The Pussy Cat Dolls. The audience cheered and roared with laughter.


Andy Ford was certainly the glue that bound them altogether. Displaying similar slapstick comedy timing to Lee Evans and the delivery of Ricky Gervais' David Brent character he seemed to have the most stage time and definitely got the biggest response from the audience.


The real star of this show, the powerhouse that keeps everything racing along, is Andy Ford, whose Muddles character underlies pretty well everything in the evening and whose apparently boundless energy lights up the stage - and the audience!

                                                                                                         UK Theatre Web

The West Country's own Andy Ford stole the show with a hilarious performance as Muddles that had the audience rocking in the aisles.


The absolute star of the show however, for last night's audience was Andy Ford as Muddles. Demonstrating huge comic talent and an outstanding rapport with the audience, he had the crowd in fits of laughter from the beginning - as with all the best pantos, delivering lines that could work on two levels to delight both children and their parents alike.

                                                                                                            Mature Times

Andy Ford's Muddles, in unrequited love with Snow White, was the glue that held the production together. Specialising, and again cornering the market in this 'Simple Simon' role, he displayed that most lethal of combinations, comedy and sympathy, with such pace, energy and enthusiasm that audiences could not help but empathise and laugh with him at his every appearance.

                                                                                 Theatre World Internet Magazine



Funny ha ha by Andy Ford

Hitchin Market Theatre March 2009


Review of FUNNY Ha-ha

Written/performed by Andy Ford and Directed by Tony Phillips

From the safety of his shabby sofa Andy shares with us his frustration at having to wait for recognition as a comedian.

Pressure is mounting, maintenance unpaid, and his ex on the phone denying access to his children until he pays his considerable arrears.

A subsistence of cheap booze and yesterdays take aways would have discouraged a lesser man. Alone in his bedsit he gains inspiration from his heroes Tommy, Spike, Frankie and of course Eric and Ernie. Analysing their performances he slowly builds his act. His phone is his lifeline, talking to his fellow comedians and with his agent his optimism shines through.

Not for him the tears of a clown he is star material. At last! A TV appearance which could change his life forever. Our dishevelled scruff is transformed into a smooth performer.

The audience loves him, what a show, it's a wrap.... or is it?

A superb play filled with pathos and laughter, never easy to achieve. Andy left his audience wanting more.

Marty Coe Insight magazine May 2009



Peter Pan

Milton Keynes Theatre 2008/9




Winkler and Ford are without doubt the best comedy duo in Panto ever!



BBC Radio


Henry Winkler is superb as Captain Hook, bringing to the role just the right amount of camp villainy, and beloved bad boy that it requires. He is brilliantly offset by Andy Ford in the role of Smee, who gives an outstanding performance, with perfect comic timing and great stage presence. Ford is truly hilarious, and also very kind to the four children who were picked to go up on stage with him after the interval, recognising their real qualities and not simply playing them for laughs.



The true star of the night was Smee, played by comedian Andy Ford. He completely stole the show with his cracking jokes, some of which were just for the adults!

Bedford Today


For me, the master stroke with this performance was the casting of Andy Ford as Smee, the right hand man to Winkler's Captain Hook. Ford was excellent almost compering moments of the show and his work with the audience was funny and faultless. Ford works as a Stand-up comic and this was evident in his timing. However, it was his physical comedy skills that stole the show.

The British Theatre Guide


It was left to the extremely funny Andy Ford as Smee to carry the flag. His camp portrayal of a pirate was hysterical and the moment he fell from the stage was so brilliantly executed that even now as I write this I find myself laughing.

Milton Keynes Theatre Reviews



Although he did not have the starring role Andy Ford had the largest part as Hook's first mate Smee, he also had the majority of the laughs and played the part with a warmth and charisma which gave the impression that he was an old friend within minutes of him coming on stage.











Andy Ford Panto



Peter Pan

The Churchill Theatre

Bromley 2007/8

with Paul Michael Glaser




Smee, played by Andy Ford, is sensationally good. Flirting with the crowd, leading his fellow pirates in an hilarious burlesque, he's everything you want from a pantomime

                                                                                                                                                                     The Times  


Andy Ford is in total command of the stage; his kids on stage scene is a classic

The Stage and Television Today



Andy Ford lifted the Panto whenever he was on stage; his humorous exchanges with Hook and the audience were the highlights of the evening

Bromley Extra



From here on in the show features some great comedy set pieces as Glaser and comedian Andy Ford (as side-kick pirate Smee) perform some hilarious routines that had the audience roaring with laughter. This is where Andy Ford is in his element as he takes total control of the stage and, undoubtably, steals the show.

Bromley Times



The Star of the show was funnyman Andy Ford who had the audience in fits of laughter as Pirate Smee. His non-stop camp comedy is worth seeing the show for alone.

News Shopper



Andy Ford was hilarious, and made even my 15 year old son laugh!!


Bottom line - if Andy Ford is in it -GO SEE IT!!

News Shopper Online



Andy Ford in Snow white
Snow White

Ashcroft Theatre

Croydon 2006/7

with Bernie Nolan




Basically Andy Ford is a panto genious. His improvisation during a picnic scene shows that he is a gifted comedian, and he is a true natural at the panto trick of communicating with kids on stage whilst simultaneously taking the mickey……

Star of the show!

Croydon Guardian



Andy Ford is addictive - from the moment he comes on stage with a silly walk and sillier talk, he has the audience captivated

Croydon Advertiser



As ever it is Andy Ford who stands out as Muddles. If he's in a show he can't help stealing it

The Stage and Television Today







Andy Ford Publicity




Stardust Club



When asked to review Andy Ford, where do you begin? There is no more distinctive and quirky comedian currently out there. After a Royal Variety Performance appearance and a string of successful hoot-filled slots on Des and Mel, you would have thought the creatures from TV land may just have found something more regular for him on the small screen. Ford is determinedly different, the laughs flow thick and fast and the hilarious highlights of his show set constituted one of the highlights of the entire four days.

 The Stage Newspaper



Andy Ford in snow white


Snow White

Theatre Royal

Nottingham 2005/6

with Claire Sweeney




Andy has the audience in stitches with his silly costumes and even sillier jokes - he certainly knows how to deliver a punch line.

Newark Advertiser



A special mention goes to Andy Ford as Muddles - the audience loved his logical nursery rhymes and his scenes with his mother Dame Doughnut had to be seen to be believed

Nottingham Evening Post



For me the Star of the Show is comedian Andy Ford as Muddles, who frequently has the audience in stitches with his wacky walk, great gags and occasional off-the-cuff one liners. He establishes a real connection with the audience from the moment he appears with his genuine warm sense of humour and endearing daftness

The Nottingham Topper



The Man who steals the show is Andy Ford as Muddles. He has the young children screaming with laughter, the older ones love his cheekiness and there are a few asides for the adults too. He can adlib to get extra laughs and his final scene is hilarious

The British Theatre Guide



As a piece of sheer entertainment it offers value for money - although that's almost entirely due to Andy Ford as Snow White's hapless would be suitor Muddles. Ford was a constant delight with his beaming face, comic timing and camp mannerisms. He caught the Panto spirit perfectly and when he was on stage the show had plenty of life and laughs

Derby Evening Telegraph



One Character who managed to transcend all and inject some fantastic comedy into the performance was Andy Ford as Muddles. He used his westcountry accent to good effect, with some jokes thrown in for us adults as well as plenty for the kids to enjoy. This Man truly knows what Panto is all about

Derby Trader



But the one setting the tone for the overall friendly approach turns out to be Andy Ford as Muddles. Instantly warm and looking like a seraphic chipmunk, he holds the kids and us happily in the palm of his hand until that final walkdown.

Online Review



With his cheeky smile and a twitching knee that seems to have a life of its own, he just generates warmth whenever he comes on stage. In one sublime and superbly timed moment he steps right off of it to fall vertically into the pit!

The Stage and Television Today